About FB Banner Works by Wilzencomputers

My Name is Andrew Williamson I am the owner operator, this computer business is slightly different to the normal computer repair business as I operate from a work shop next to my home so I can keep the cost of the overheads low which in turn is passed onto my customers.

Wilzen Computers was formed in 2002 and has been running now for 10 years with a large local and national customer base and many of my customers have been coming back for many years.Our services are on a one to one basis which means that I treat all jobs are done to a high standard and priced competitively.
There is many other services we provide such as full web page services and now Facebook video banner services, yes we are a one stop business for all your IT needs.


Facebook has really begun to focus on video content, realizing this is the way that most people prefer to consume content, with that number consistently growing. This is just the latest video feature.  Others include Facebook live, profile videos, a stronger focus on video ads, Facebook stories, among others.


I can here you thinking can my Business afford another advertisement bill, well we are here to make it real easy for you to decide yes I can fit this into the budget because it’s a one off Payment per Video no contracts, no weekly, monthly payments.
As we want you to keep coming back time after time, as you supply all videos and Pictures and we do our magic with them we can keep the costs as low as we can.

Video Only
0 to 30 seconds  Video only   $125.00
30 to 60 seconds Video only $155.00

Video and Pictures
0 to 30 seconds  Video and Pictures   $145.00
30 to 60 seconds Video and Pictures  $185.00

Prices are in Aud$ and are subject to change without notice



So I hear you ask yourself wow I could use this on my Business Facebook Page, but I haven’t got the time or know how to professionally design and create a eye catching promo.
Well our in-house designers and developers can assist you creating your vision for the facebook revolution which increase your overall awareness to your brand and products that you produce.
It’s as simple as contacting us via phone, Email, or just click here to be transported to our Contact page.